Paintings that occasionally move

In each animated work, three images are primary and play for an entire half minute per instance, resulting in a painting that occasionally moves. The characters are not machine animated. Rather, each image in the sequence is individually composed, as a self contained work of art.

Divine Truth  2020

Ancient Story  2020

Unstruck Sound  2020

Incited by Fate  2021

Fated Element  2020

the Witness  2020

Abstract work

Elemental Urge  2021

Epsilon A  2021

the Circle  2021

Paintings with Soundtrack

the Water Dragon by Trenlin Hubbert


The piece was inspired by Benzaiten who is known as the goddess of flow, the arts, water and abundance. In mythology, she was the daughter of a dragon.

418 unique ultra HD images

Color of Light by Trenlin Hubbert


A portrait of optimism. The hands behind the back position is a mudra that can be read as acceptance of both dark and light aspects. The hands up is a mudra for courage.

57 unique 4k ultra HD images

the Call by Trenlin Hubbert


The Call serves as a ritual. The crystals and the sage are symbols of protection. In the beginning, the character is posed with a hand mudra for courage.

87 unique 4k ultra HD images

the Warrior by Trenlin Hubbert


Meditation on the soul of a warrior moving through multiple incarnations. The sound is a toy drum, a baby’s rattle, a dripping stalactite inside a cave, and chanting in a catholic church.

87 unique 4k ultra HD images

Poised in Grace by Trenlin Hubbert


An ode to patience.

108 unique 4k ultra HD images


Shape of Change by Trenlin Hubbert


Every move and every sound combines to form the future.

39 unique 4k ultra HD images