habitat machine: a city called Mantaray

When the Mentor entered the Core, Mantaray emerged from the meditation of daily existence by condensing a touchstone of consciousness into the small pocket of place.

“What is your Cardinal Command?” the Mentor asked Mantaray.

“To maintain an optimum balance in support of Life,” the city responded.

“What is Life?” the Mentor asked the city.

Mantaray is a swimming city.

She is a habitat machine for 20,000 human residents plus some birds, some bees and a selection of plants. Mantaray spends one day at the surface, three days diving, and three days rising.

Plan of the City that swims.
Plan View and Exploded View of the Habitat Machine called Mantaray

The interior of the city is accessed via the mouth, a tubular opening that splits off into three branches, two of which spiral toward access ponds. The central tube heads back into the sea.

Entry to the city called Mantaray
The interior of the Habitat Machine is accessed via the mouth.
exploded view of the city called Mantaray
the Heights

The bubble style housing units have programmable glazing to provide for personalizing of surface ornamentation, plus alteration of surface transparency.

Handrails are a hydroponic trellis system. Garden beds are also hydroponic.

Bubble house
Typical Bubble Unit in Habitat Machine