incited by fate by Trenlin Hubbert

Title: Incited by Fate


21 unique 4k images


The future reaches out to her past self, who initially  responds with trepidation. But surrender, she does, to be swept up into her next self.

First Primary

This is a symbolist animation art painting intended for loop play. It is composed of 21 unique images. Three of the images are primary and play for 9 seconds per instance, resulting in a painting that occasionally moves. The characters are not machine animated. Rather, each image in the sequence is individually composed, as a self contained work of art.

incited by Fate by Trenlin
Second Primary

When Collectors purchase an Original, they receive every 4k ultra HD image in the sequence from the particular animated painting.

Only one set of these images shall be sold.

Additionally the Collector shall be provided a 4k ultra HD MP4 copy of the video.

Contact the artist to discuss purchasing an Original.

Third Primary
animated detail
Detail View