video art details: of Water Divine

of Water Divine by Trenlin Hubbert

of Water Divine by Trenlin Hubbert

created in 2021

4k originals. 300dpi

Blood and tears and salty seas. Rain and rivers and mucky mud. Amoebas, anemones and bacteria. Lions and tigers and bears. Life is built of water divine.

This is a video art painting intended for loop play. It is composed of 70 unique images. It is a painting that continually moves. The characters are not machine animated. Rather, each image in the sequence is individually composed, as a self contained work of art.

Beautiful projected on wall.
Play on your screen.
Exceptional on your large format television.

When Collectors purchase an Original, they receive every 4k ultra HD image in the sequence from the particular animated painting.

Only one set of these images shall be sold.

Additionally the Collector shall be provided a 4k ultra HD MP4 copy of the video.

Contact the artist to discuss purchasing an Original

close up detail