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the Warrior by Trenlin Hubbert

Playful Spin by Trenlin Hubbert was created in the year 2021. Size of Originals: 4k 300 dpi

The Warrior is a surreal AV Painting (Audio Visual Painting) intended for loop play.

Every object in my work is symbolic. The symbols add up to the meaning (tell the story). Some of what I create comes from my conscious mind, some from my subconscious.
For more on my use of symbols, visit my Artist Notebook.
Selected Frame from Sequence

Working with sound is new for me. And this part is also filled with symbolism. I think of it as a sound collage. For this piece, I mixed together the sound of water dripping in a cave, with a toy drum, with chanting in a church, with a child’s rattle.

Selected Frame from Sequence

When Collectors purchase an Original, they receive every 4k ultra HD image in the sequence from the particular animated painting. This painting contains 86 unique images.

Only one set of these images shall be sold.

Additionally the Collector shall be provided a 4k ultra HD MP4 copy of the video.

Contact the artist to discuss purchasing an Original.

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