Gemstone Symbolism

Yellow Calcite stimulates higher mind, accesses inner wisdom, deep relaxation, meditation, channeling, shamanic work, psychic exploration, energy cleanser.


Ruby clear visualization, positive dreams, protection from thought forms that undermine, keeps travelers safe, promotes leadership, abundance, passion.


Lapis lazuli protection, serenity, peace, calming tempers, relieving stress, harmony of mind and body, self awareness, honesty, compassion, integrity, universal wisdom.

Lapis lazuli

Malachite good fortune, reflects the heart of whoever holds it, shrouds its bearer form malicious intention, fosters the emotional wellness around the bearer, helps the mind to see goodness.


Labradorite connects physical world to astral world, deeper states of consciousness, spiritualism, journeys of the soul, psychic intuition, transformation, protection against negativity, stimulates imagination, relaxes an overactive mind.


Sugilite spiritual growth, live authentically, live boldly and courageously, discover purpose, spiritual or psychic protection, amplify universal life force.


Obsidian journey of the underworld, shadow work, silent energy, combines the elements of fire, water and earth. deep mysteries, shatters illusions, uncovers lies, removes blockages.


Shungite neutrilizer, balances yin-yang, protection, hides from bad luck, amplifies magic and meditation, grounding of energy, focus of energy, harmonizes with surroundings, cleanses impurities.


Smoky Quartz connection to mother earth, transmutes negative energies to positive energies, divination, wild untethered goddess energy, grounding, rooting.

Smoky Quartz

Marble potential, self control, serenity, common sense.